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Sidewalk Cafe at Le Sud

Le Sud, the charming French-Mediterranean restaurant located in Roscoe Village, now offers a happy hour menu available Monday through Friday from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.

Bon Appetit Presents Chicago Gourmet announced the much anticipated lineup of Encore Events surrounding the festival.

At the time when we need it most, this unlikely hero takes a stand for visibility, equality and inclusion...

Two of my favorite types of food are barbecue and Mexican cuisine. Put some low-and-slow and a plate of tacos in front of me and I'm a happy woman.

In Oscar Lee's Barbecue and Milwalky Taco, I have found my happy place.

Galena is a magical town. It has historic Bed and Breakfasts, historic churches, historic parks, and a historic history museum. There are a couple of golf courses, a ski lodge, the Dowling House and a blacksmith shop.

Come be carried away by the stunning new production of Cirque du Soleil. VOLTA is captivating for all ages!

Kick back and be charmed at The Delta. There are lots of great people here!

Drive In Movie in Chicago: Chicago's Outdoor Movie Theaters

A night at the drive in theater is the stuff of summer memories. If you're looking for a fun and affordable night out, here is Chicago's drive in movie theaters.

Four Chords and a Gun, the not-so-musical play about the Ramones' music, premiered at the Broadway Playhouse in Chicago over the weekend with lots of spunk and little punk. 

Chicago’s Furious Spoon advertises itself as a place where “ramen meets hip-hop.” This is not your typical ramen shop. Chef Shin Thompson chose the name to give guests the permission to eat ramen the way he thinks it should be eaten – furiously. You are supposed to slurp the noodles furiously so that the noodles and the other ingredients do not overcook in the hot broth.

Chicago Gospel Music Festival

Get the complete schedule for the Chicago Gospel Music Festival, showcasing the best in local, national and international Gospel Music performers.

Beer Under Glass is annual event at Garfield Park Conservatory, and is the annual kickoff for Illinois Craft Beer Week, one of the "hoppiest" celebrations of the year.

Restaurants on the Chicago Riverwalk

The Chicago Riverwalk is one of the city's must-visit summer destinations. Located on the south side of the Chicago River, in addition to renting boats and cycles you can also find places to dine. Restaurants line the walkway from Clark Street to east of Michigan Avenue, nearly to Lake Shore Drive. 

NFL legend Eddie George as Billy Flynn, with the ladies’ ensemble I Photo: Jeremy Daniel

The national tour of CHICAGO, at the Cadillac Palace Theatre, sizzles with razzle dazzle and foul play. Bob Fosse’s distinctive Broadway choreography—curved shoulders, turned-in knees, finger snaps and jazz hands—captivates. Former NFL star Eddie George headlines as corrupt lawyer Billy Flynn.

Chicago SummerDance

Put on your dancing shoes! Here's the complete Chicago SummerDance Schedule 2019.

In French history, the name “Etta” stands for the “keeper of the hearth.”
Centered around a wood-fired hearth, etta features most of Chef Danny Grant’s personal favorites. With a daily-changing menu of wood-fired pizzas, house-made pastas, and farm fresh salads, etta is a celebration of rustic cuisine.

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