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Dominick's is closing 14 Chicago-area stores by early April. Some of them are near stores that have already converted to the new "lifestyle" format. (This design is more upscale with hardwood floors and olive bars.) Twenty other stores will be remodeled in this new format.

Part 5 of Health Club Review Series

XSport Fitness clubs are full-service centers. They're open 24 hours and provide free parking. A spa is attached with tanning, massages, nail care, and other options. Day care is also available.

Next time your child asks to sleep over at a friend's, you might have to ask whether this friend is from an extinct species.

Normally I don't just post press releases, but I thought this was a cute idea, so here goes!

Part 4 of Health Club Review Series

River North is one of the hottest neighborhoods in Chicago for restaurants. It's home to Gene & Georgetti's, Chicago Chophouse, Coco Pazzo, MK, Kevin, and Kiki's Bistro and over 100 others. Two more have recently opened - in spots that, for some reason, have seen more restaurants than Dudley Nieto (see below).

By Rebecca Taras

Part 2 of Health Club Review Series

Talk about your no-frills workout spot.

If your Christmas tree is still dropping needles because you missed last week's recycling effort, you have another chance. This Saturday from 9am to 2pm you can turn it in at several locations in return for a year's supply of blue recycling bags.

For more information, call 311

Marshall Field's is now Macy's; Carson Pirie Scott is closing; Berghoff's has turned off its taps. The City News Bureau shut down its wire service and Trader Vics snuffed its tiki torches.

Wednesday my cheeks were the color of Rudolph's nose in the middle of a blizzard. Maybe not that red, but they felt like they were. OK they didn't actually feel that red, they actually felt pasty and clammy, but they should have been burning. Oh please, read on...

Consistently, one of the top New Year's Resolutions is to lose weight, and exercising is an integral part of reaching that goal. I've decided that 2007 is the year that I get in shape and adopt a healthier lifestyle all around.

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