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As anyone knows who’s trekked up and down the Magnificent Mile, Oak Street, or State Street, shopping can be exhausting! Renew and re-energize by taking some time to relax.

Today as we were cleaning up after our annual gluttony, I joked with my parents about the hours, nay, days of preparation required for a meal that's consumed in 20 minutes. Even as I scoffed I knew the preparation was simply representative of the thanks the holiday is meant to express.

A little over five years ago I decided to move to Chicago. I found an apartment and picked my move-in date.

Congratulations to Lavazza! Ferran Adria created "Espesso" for the coffee cafe, and it was named by Time Magazine as one of the Best Inventions for 2006. This list includes Internet sensation YouTube, a floating matress, and a battery powered sports car.

The Museum of Broadcast Communications closed its Chicago Cultural Center location two years ago. It's new home will be at Kinzie and State. The museum was supposed to reopen this fall, but payment delays stopped construction over 5 months ago.

And congratulations to Disonic. 92.5% said Keep 'Em!

By Rebecca Taras

My son is spoiled rotten when it comes to eating out. He had sushi when he was two, prefers a Kansas City Strip over a filet, and his favorite appetizer is shrimp cocktail. He thinks octopus is OK, but he enjoys calamari much more. His favorite cheese isn't American or Velveeta.

By Rebecca Taras

England isn't known for its food, but this British-style pub is a popular lunch spot in the financial district. With its huge bar, English artifacts, and dark woods you expect to see blokes throwing back pints of ale while digging into some bangers and mash. And you do. Lots of 'em.

Yes, Virginia, you can eat inexpensively in downtown Chicago. You don't even have to settle for a hotdog, Italian beef, or a quarter pounder from the Rock 'N Roll McDonald's. You can get completely stuffed on Spanish tapas and soused on sangria for about $20.

Steve Arvey! He's playing at The Melting Pot (609 N Dearborn) and The House of Blues (339 N Dearborn) this weekend.

My good friends, Juzt Nutz, are playing Thursday night at The Note.

They're not just playing, they're competing. The Energenza Festival is taking place that night, so go listen to them and vote to send them onto the next round.

Get some rest, though; you'll need it.

On The Front!

They're playing at the Metro on Sept 22 - check 'em out!

Ziel, a ChicagoROX featured band, invited me to interview them before their show September 1 at Logan Square Auditorium.

I'll be frank. I had no idea how I was going to start this piece.

Pick up a copy of September's Today's Chicago Woman and flip to page 46 to read about spa trends. Why? Because it was written by TLT Beauty In Chicago writer Rebecca Taras!

Chicago's Chinatown stretches for just a few short blocks.

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