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Steve Arvey! He's playing at The Melting Pot (609 N Dearborn) and The House of Blues (339 N Dearborn) this weekend.

My good friends, Juzt Nutz, are playing Thursday night at The Note.

They're not just playing, they're competing. The Energenza Festival is taking place that night, so go listen to them and vote to send them onto the next round.

Get some rest, though; you'll need it.

The ones in the sky, not celebrities.
From now until December 19, you can visit the Adler Planetarium on Mondays and Tuesdays for free. From now until Halloween the Field Museum is offering discounted tickets on the same days.

On The Front!

They're playing at the Metro on Sept 22 - check 'em out!

Ziel, a ChicagoROX featured band, invited me to interview them before their show September 1 at Logan Square Auditorium.

I'll be frank. I had no idea how I was going to start this piece.

If you're in the area of Monroe and Wacker tomorrow, don't be surprised if you see throngs of people pouring into the street and heading west. Four buildings at that intersection are planning a voluntary evacuation exercise.

Pick up a copy of September's Today's Chicago Woman and flip to page 46 to read about spa trends. Why? Because it was written by TLT Beauty In Chicago writer Rebecca Taras!

Chicago's Chinatown stretches for just a few short blocks.


95% said Keep 'Em, so they're moving on to TLT's Annual Contest.

Click here to check 'em out.

The next round begins today, and this week's band is:

You can't help but love Greektown. Servers light cheese on fire at your table while shouting Opa!

I'm a hypocritical feminist.

Serilian! They're the last band in this round of ChicagoROX!

Congratulations Treaty Of Paris! They're leading the pack with 93.1% Keep 'Em. 86.5% wanted to keep Escape From Earth around, and Inept was close behind with 84.8%.

Well, Chicago band Treaty of Paris has been on The Local Tourist for almost 3 days now - and 100% of the voters want to keep 'em!

What do you think?

Visit and vote!

Treaty of Paris!

Escape From Earth is leading with 86.5% Keep 'Em. Inept was close behind with 84.8%�

How will Treaty of Paris do? You decide!

Treaty of Paris!

Escape From Earth is leading with 86.5% Keep 'Em. Inept was close behind with 84.8%�

How will Treaty of Paris do? You decide!

Check out this line-up!

7/31 - Escape From Earth - 86.5 percent voted to keep 'em
8/7 - Inept - Keep voting! As of right now they're trailing EFE with 82.6 percent
8/14 - Treaty of Paris
8/21 - Serilian


They'll be at the Metro August 20.

Chicagoans - print out the online coupon for two of my favorites from Lavazza Cafe. It's The Local Tourist Day! Valid today only.

My best friend drove up from Indianapolis to see me last night. She called me Tuesday to let me know she was coming up and I tell you, I was like a kid the night before leaving for Disney World.

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