Nerds, geeks and everyone - see how I cleverly included everyone in this post…ok, ok I will work on that one - the Otherworld Theater is bringing to you NERDFEST! An evening of science fiction and fantasy movies, TV shows, comic books, games, and toys all in the guise of food, drink, and entertainment. Not only will you have a nerdtastic time but you will be helping to bring forth a theater solely dedicated to the performance of science fiction and fantasy themes. When I heard this, I was sold.

HOW COOL IS THAT? Seriously, how cool is that?

On Friday June 29th at Lilly's on Lincoln from 8pm - 1am you will get a chance to see performances from The Nerdologues, the cast from Improvised Star Trek!, and beats being spun by DJ Aaron Ackerson.

It's a 21+ event and it's $10 at the door, $5 if you dress up…They'll know, obviously they're the ultimate nerds

Be sure to make a stop over at The Nerdologues Youtube channel to get a taste of their nerd humor and be sure to download an episode of Improvised Star Trek!'s podcast to listen to the adventures of the USS Sisyphus, ALL based off titles suggested by their listeners.

NERDS AND GEEKS TAKE OVER THE WORLD…well at least Lilly's on the 29th :)