Next Year Is Here: Chicago Cubs Win the World Series

For over a century the World Series was out of the Chicago Cubs’ grasp. It had been so long since they’d even appeared in the championship that “maybe next year” became the expected mantra and, it seemed, a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Next year is here. The Chicago Cubs are the World Series Champions.

There are better accounts than I could ever provide of the season and the series, so I won’t even try. What I will say is this: if any team deserved to win, deserved to break that streak, it was this one. This team is filled with men of character and dignity. They exemplify sportsmanship and passion. They have shown that competition can and should be respectful, that humility is a strength, and what it means to never give up.

What this means to the fans and to the city the Cubs call home cannot be underestimated. Chicago is an expert in self-deprecation, latching onto what was meant as an insult and wearing it as a badge of honor. In the hearts of Chicagoans, “Second City” means second-to-none. It means literally rising from the ashes to, also literally, reaching for the sky. Now, with the long-standing myth of curses disproved and inevitable failure proven a myth, the team, its fans, and the city itself can fly.

Don’t call them the Lovable Losers any more. Just call them lovable.

Thank you, World Champion Chicago Cubs. Thank you.

Chicago Cubs Parade and Rally

The Chicago Cubs Parade and Rally will happen on Friday, November 4. The parade will begin at Wrigley Field at 10am and will end at Lower Hutchinson Field in Grant Park. The city suggests that you watch here:

  • Addison Street from Sheffield to Pine Grove
  • North Michigan Avenue from Oak to Ohio streets
  • Columbus Drive between Monroe Street and Balbo Avenue

NO alcohol is allowed along the parade route. CPS kids are out of school, so this is a family-friendly day.

Have fun!!!!

Photo credit: Angela Garbot, Cubs fan extraordinaire






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