No Gouging, Just Great BBQ – New Wrigleyville Spot Offers All-You-Can-Eat During World Series

You’ve probably seen the stories by now. Some (updated to include this because not all) Wrigleyville bars are capitalizing on the World Series at Wrigley Field this weekend by charging $100 or $200 or $250. Some are offering drinks and food; at others that’ll just get you in the door, and it doesn’t guarantee a seat. To get a table will be an extra $500 at some places.

Enter Myron Mixon’s Smoke Show. Myron Mixon, in case you’re not familiar (I wasn’t, for shame), has won “over 200 (barbecue) grand championships resulting in over 1,800 total trophies, 30 state championships, 8 Team of the Year awards, and 11 national championships.” Yowza. That’s a lot of meat.

He just opened a restaurant on October 20 at 3801 N Clark St. This weekend (better get your phone ready) you can get an all-you-care-to-eat menu from 5 p.m. until one hour after the World Series games end. The special menu features ribs, pulled pork, brisket, Myron’s world famous cupcake chicken, smoked sausage, pig wings, baby back mac, hush puppies, potato salad and baked beans. And they’ve got 24 60-inch 4k televisions so you won’t miss a play.

Guess how much this is. Guess. I dare you. Give up? OK – it’s $50. FIFTY. DOLLARS.

Myron, I don’t know you, but I think I love you.

Call 773-360-1452 to reserve your table now, before they all go up in smoke.

Photo cred: Weber – Stephen Nordic






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