OMGBeer Loves AlphaBeer

You’ve gotta love it when a review begins with “Based on my handwritten notes, I had a fantastic time at AlphaBeer III…” That’s how Seth Feldman of OMG Beer! opened his recap of the event and it’s understandable. We tried 26 beers in three hours, after all.

Fortunately Seth took notes, and fairly extensive ones. Reading them brought me back to the event and how much fun we all had. Some of my favorites:


  • Dark Horse Amber Ale: Belgian yeast spin on an American Amber, bringing out a slightly tart, green apple cider flavor. As it warms a bit of sweetness comes out. Recently paired by OMG BEER! with Mapo Dofu (a spicy chinese pork and tofu dish). Fantastic, unique beer from Michigan.
  • Goose Island Summertime Ale: this kolsch-style summer ale is fruity, pleasantly reminded me of that childhood classic, 5 Alive.
  • Red Rye, Founder’s: another OMG BEER! favorite. At this point in the tasting, all I could write is “Done and Done, I, We love it.” I went to this tasting alone, so multiple personalities agreed.
And my favorite:
  • Krankshaft, Metropolitan Brewing: fruity bread, a hint of raisins. amazingly, an aroma that almost suggested refried beans.
Refried beans? Guess I’ll just have to try it again. Oh, darn.
We’ll be trying a whole different round of beers at AlphaBeer IV. This one will be in the historic Blackstone’s gorgeous ballroom on October 22. Tickets are only $40 for individuals, or $200 for a table of six.







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