Opening the Cabinet of Curiosities at Cirque du Soleil's KURIOS

The United Center parking lot has been transformed into a world of steampunk invention, imagination, and incredible acrobatics. Cirque du Soleil returns to Chicago after a four-year hiatus with its most magical show yet, KURIOS, Cabinet of Curiosities.

As you enter the blue and yellow big top you’re transported to the nineteenth century. The lights dim and characters roam the crowd, luring you into this strange world. An array of characters fill the stage and you know you’re about to be dazzled.

The show is set in the latter half of the nineteenth century as The Seeker, an inventor who dissolves the boundaries of space and time, travels inside his curios cabinet. As the clock hits 11:11 time stops, and the phantasmagoria begins with a cast of characters that delight and amaze. An accordian man wheezes as he shrinks and expands from short to tall. Electric eels bend and contort to morph from one impossible pyramid to another on top of a mechanical hand. A bicycle becomes a platform for aerial acrobatics, “Siamese” twins separate and conjoin mid-air and an Aviator balances atop a tottering structure while swinging several feet above the stage. The world turns upside down, a giant trampoline propels “fish” to the top of the tent. There’s juggling and yo-yos, a strong man flings his porcelain doll as if she were made of feathers, a lion escapes from an invisible circus, and enveloping it all is a lively earworm-worthy soundtrack of live music.

In short, it is spectacular.

See this show before its Chicago run ends September 20 and time will stop for you – at least for a couple of hours. If you don’t, you’ll look like this:

Kurios - Now Entering Reality

KURIOS, Cabinet of Curiosities is in the big top in the United Center parking lot, 1900 W Adams St.






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