Oreo Brings Wonder To Chicago


I bet you just smiled. I bet you’re still smiling. There’s just something about those creme-filled cookies that spread happiness. This Thursday there are going to be a whole lot of happy people in Daley Plaza and in Chicago. OREO will be sharing cookies as local a cappella group Voices In Your Head sings their new anthem and then taking to the streets to spread the love.

OREO’s new theme is “Wonderfilled”, and their catchy song wonders what would happen if you gave an OREO to, say, a werewolf, or a vampire.

“If I gave them to great white sharks, would they share them with baby seals.”

Be prepared to have your day brightened a little as you check out the cute video below, then head to Daley Plaza at 10am this Thursday to sing along and get some OREOs for yourself.






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