Our Most Local Chef's Table Yet: Local Foods on May 23

What do you get when you combine a public wholesale farmers market, Chicago’s best butcher, and a seasonally-fueled cafe? Local Foods! This 17,000 square foot homage to local producers is a foodie’s playground. We all know that knowing the source of what we put into our bodies is important. At Local Foods you’ll only find “high-quality, 100% source-identified produce, meat, dairy, eggs and other foodstuffs.”

At The Local Tourist we love local, so it’s only fitting that we feature Local Foods with one of our signature Chef’s Table events. On May 23 we’ll be dining at Stock Cafe, Chicago’s most farm-to-table restaurant, where Chef Abra Berens will highlight her contemporary twist on Midwestern comfort food. A farmer herself, Chef Abra strives to honor the work of farmers who grew each ingredient on the plate.

At press there are ony four seats remaining for this exclusive, intimate event. Tickets are just $35 for a multi-course meal complete with drinks. Even tip is included (although we do encourage attendees to show some extra appreciation if they have a great time).

Get your tickets today and join us at the Chef’s Table!

Local Foods is located at 1427 W Willow. If you’d like to be notified first of our future Chef’s Table events be sure to join our list.






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