Summer demands refreshing cocktails, so why not make it a frozen one? The heat is on in Chicago and from frozen rhubarb juleps to frosé, the city’s hottest spots offer guests a cooler way to imbibe right now.

Bartenders across the city are hard at work making the coldest, slushiest, iciest boozy bevvies and there’s no time like the present to grab a straw and sip.

2 W Erie Street, 26th Floor

For those looking to cool off on a hot summer day or night, Apogee offers the ultimate atmosphere and cocktails. Located on the 26th floor of dana hotel and spa, The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group’s new elevated rooftop lounge boasts an 1,100 square foot outdoor patio, perfect for soaking up the rays and taking in skyline views.

Plus, there’s even a frosé machine! Featuring over-the-top cocktails with exotic garnishes and hand-blown glassware, frozen cocktail highlights include:

  • Deep End: Inspired by the sun setting over an ocean, the Deep End infuses Milagro Tequila, grapefruit, watermelon, Curacao, and Chardonnay barrel salt for a refreshing frozen cocktail with a kick.
  • Sancerre: This colorful cocktail features grapefruit, lemongrass and pear ice, mixed with Martin Miller Westbourne Gin and Aperitif du Jour for a sweet and satisfying finish.
  • Where Do You Summer: Using a fresh coconut as the glass, Where Do You Summer combines El Dorado Rum, Falernum, grapefruit, maraschino, Tiki Bitters, and pumpkin spice for the perfect mix of flavors.

Big Jones
5347 N Clark Street
Chicago’s hot spot for Southern heirloom eats, Big Jones, takes advantage of these warm summer months in Andersonville.

The expansive cocktail menu, curated by Beverage Director Andrew Shay, features delicious favorites with a frozen twist. Featured cocktails include:

  • Frozen Julep: Made with seasonal market produce throughout the summer, this drink is as refreshing as it sounds. Featuring Big Jones’ homemade rhubarb shrub, bonded Bourbon, mint and sugar for the perfect combination of flavors, the Frozen Rhubarb Julep is the perfect combination of summer flavors.
  • Frozen Rosé Bishop: As a form of mulled wine, the Bishop is considered a staple in old Southern tradition. Andy brightens up the flavors in this frozen drink by using rosé, roasted oranges, pineapple, and rum. Topped off with lime and nutmeg, the Frozen Rosé Bishop brings the essence of summer in the South to the city of Chicago.

Bunny Slope
15 E Ohio Street
At Bunny Slope, the cooler the drinks the better! The one-of-a-kind hot tub bar operated by The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group has perfected the art of the frozen cocktail. There’s no better time than now for city dwellers and beyond to seek out the most coveted spot to savor a frozen drink, and this hot spot nestled inside the ACME Hotel is the bonafide place.

A clever selection, with a 60s après ski theme in mind, Bunny Slope’s specialty lineup offers the perfect refreshments for hot tub lounging.

Curated by Head Bartender Christian Hetter, four one-of-a-kind recipes offer a drink for everyone – from the cognac-filled Chalet Frappé and the mulled German wine-infused Snöw-Wein to the Alaskan Riesling-based Freeze-Ling and the dessert-like Aprés Ski with rum, crème de cacao, Amaro Averna, and dairy.

The Fifty/50
2047 W Division Street
The Fifty/50, the go-to elevated sports bar in Chicago’s Wicker Park neighborhood, makes a splash by offering diners a fun and boozy way to stay refreshed this summer. What’s even better than a Moscow Mule? A Frozen Mule!

Gracing the cocktail menu at The Fifty/50 Restaurant Group’s namesake spot, this concoction of lime juice, ginger, and vodka is sure to be the hit drink this summer. With an array of refreshing seasonal cocktails, iced and frozen, The Fifty/50 knows the perfect way to cool down during these warm months.

The Sixth
2202 W Lawrence Avenue

Lincoln Square’s hottest cocktail bar stirs up everyone’s favorite – frosé. The catch - it’s only available on the street-side patio.

With Benjamin Schiller’s new Raspberry Frosé at the ready, these seats are about to go quick. Made with dry Provençal rosé and house made raspberry syrup, imbibers are in for a treat.

But why not have more frozen fun at The Sixth by marrying two things together: booze and ice cream! Summer is the perfect time to revisit milkshakes with your adult sensibilities.

For those who want to up the nostalgia, these boozy milkshakes include the Broken Resolution – combining Jim Beam Rye, chocolate ice cream, peanut butter, smoked salt, and Nutella cream – and the French Toast, with Cognac, vanilla ice cream, cinnamon, egg, and apricot cream.

Try this summer’s trendiest beverage, frosé, or invoke nostalgia with a boozy milkshake. Any of these delightful drinks are sure to cool down imbibers all over town until fall.