Strings Ramen celebrates National Noodle Month by offering specially-priced $9.95 ramen through Saturday, March 31 at their Chinatown and Lakeview locations. 

Choose from 3 ramen options, each priced just $9.95:

Miso Ramen with Kuro Buta -- chicken and turkey broth, teamed with red, white, brown miso. Topped with Berkshire pork loin, scallions, sweet corn, bamboo and bean sprouts. Drizzled with toasted garlic and sesame oils. (Usually $13.95)


Shoyu Ramen with Kuro Buta -- Seaweed dashi with soy sauce broth. Topped with Berkshire pork loin, menma, nori, bean sprouts, woodear mushroom, fish cake, and creamy onsen tamago egg, (Usually $12.95) Hell Ramen --  Seaweed dashi with soy sauce broth. Heat dialed-up a notch with Chinese Tian Jing red chili, Szechuan chili bean sauce, Thai chili. Topped with spicy ground pork and baby clams, crispy pork skin. (Usually $13.95)


Strings is one of the few ramen spots in Chicago that actually make its own noodles, using $100,000 Japanese-imported noodle making machine housed at Strings's Chinatown locations.  Strings Ramen is open 11am to Midnight, 7-days-a-week. Chinatown location: 2141 South Archer, and new Lakeview location: 919 West Belmont, Chicago.