Strings Ramen springs into Spring with two limited-time-only, seasonal desserts: Kashiwa Mochi and Sakura Mochi, created by Strings' executive chef Katie Dong and available now through May 31. 

Kashiwa Mochi -- a traditional mochi (sticky rice cake) with adzuki (red bean paste) filling, wrapped with a Kashiwa (oak) leaf, providing an earthy fragrance which transfers to the mochi. It's most commonly enjoyed and associated with Japan's Children's Day, celebrated annually on May 5 as a national holiday honoring children. $2.95 each. 

Sakura Mochi -- inspired by Japan's spring tradition of celebrating the cherry blossom (Sakura). Featuring a Sakura-flavored mochi providing a hint of cherry flavor, filled with adzuki (red bean paste), and gently wrapped in an edible Shiso leaf. $2.95.each.

Strings Ramen is open 11am to Midnight, 7-days-a-week. Chinatown location: 2141 South Archer, and new Lakeview location: 919 West Belmont, Chicago.