The Inheritance Musical returns to The Windy City, and the compelling drama serves up more, Love, Drugs & Southern Discomfort--than ever before!

This two-night-only concert experience, featuring Tony Award Nominee Felicia P. Fields will bring music, mystery, and good old-fashioned family drama as The Inheritance weaves an unforgettable tale of a prodigal daughter’s tumultuous reunion with her past as she concedes to the dying wish of the family’s matriarch.

Synopsis--Beautiful and accomplished Milla Dejoie receives a phone call in the middle of the night from her estranged mother, Wilhelmina. Her grandmother, "Thee," Mrs. Dejoie, dowager of polite society, is dead, and, along with her- their inheritance, unless Milla comes home to bury her. With a heaping dose of laughter, tears, and soul, the women begin to repair their relationship; However, their reconciliation grinds to a halt when, during the funeral, long-held secrets erupt.

With a culmination of over 20 years of performing on Broadway and National Tours, playwright/novelist Monica L. Patton and composer Bobby Daye poses questions mused by all families-- 'Is it possible to love at all cost?' and 'Is blood truly thicker than water?'

The Inheritance Concert-- Love, Drugs & Southern Discomfort, is sure to inspire as it continues its journey to Broadway. Playing at 7:00 pm, November 5th & 7th at Pianoforte Studios, 1335 S. Michigan Avenue, Chicago IL, 60605. Tickets start at $25.

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