President Barack Obama


President Barack Obama. Right now those are my three favorite words.

I’m finishing up a President Barack Obama-inspired lunch at Dine. We tried Spam sushi and a traditional Hawaiian plate lunch of macaroni salad, fried chicken and Spam rice. (Apparently Hawaiians eat more Spam per capita than anywhere else in the world). They also served President Barack Obama’s family chili recipe.

We watched President Barack Obama as he said goodbye to his predecessor and as he penned his first official signature (go lefties). We went back for second helpings of Eli’s Cheesecake as President Barack Obama completed each Inaugural tradition. We gasped in awe as we learned that one million more people witnessed President Barack Obama take his oath of office than had braved the cold for the last Inauguration.

President Barack Obama. Today those three words symbolize a country that’s matured enough to see character instead of color. Tomorrow a nation and a world are hopeful they’ll continue to evoke the same sense of hope, possibility, and growth that they do today.

With that sense of optimism, join me in saying these three words:

President Barack Obama.







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