Primus Is Back And Odder Than Ever

“We’re going to fill it full of freaks…” – Les Claypool, Primus Bassist, regardingThe Oddity Faire

Primus is one of those rare bands that’s somehow indefinable, yet appeals to a large enough audience to gain national recognition. At least in the 90’s. The last time they recorded an album was 1999, and finally they’re headed back to the studio. But first they’re going to play a little.

October 2 Les Claypool and his band of “freaks” will bring the 2nd Annual Oddity Faire to the Congress Theater. They’ll be joined by Portugal, The Man, and Split Lip Reyfield in the historic auditorium. Tickets go on sale June 19. The last time Primus was here was in 2006 and that show sold out.

Full disclosure: by posting this tonight, I’ll be getting tickets to give away. That, I think, is a good thing. Then again, I’m a Primus fan so I could be a little biased.






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