Relax folks, it's only for a few days

Hot Doug’s is one of those rare spots that has such a following that closing for a few days seems almost like an act of betrayal to its fans. This morning I saw this from Hot Doug’s’ Twitter account:

FEBRUARY IN CHICAGO: Gray skies, grayer crud coming out of the sky & a Hot Doug’s vacation for no apparent reason. Closed 2/18-2/23.

So I tweetedFYI: @hotdougs is closed 2/18-2/23.

Which was followed by:

I confess that I have not been there yet, but when people have this kind of reaction all I see is “what are you waiting for? GO. NOW.” Just not between the 18th and the 23rd.

Hot Doug's Chicago - photo by Jeanelle Sims

Doug Sohn photo courtesy Ian D. Merritt. See more photos of Doug Sohn on Ian’s 50 Portraits project.
Food photo courtesy of Jeanelle Sims






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