Restaurants & Nightlife in Chicago

Restaurants and Nightlife

Chicago restaurants and nightlife offer cuisine and cocktails for every taste. Get ideas for where to eat and drink and check out the latest news and reviews. You can find different cuisines and types of bars. You can also browse our map of Chicago restaurants and nightlife and search by location to find one closest to you.


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London’s Leading Social Entertainment Concept Brings Ping Pong, Elevated Food and

Beverage and Much More to Downtown Chicago


In a suburban mall, in a food court, after hours, behind the heavy curtain, inside a commercial kitchen awaits a rare true dining surprise. Here Chef Dave Park creates his version of culinary wizardry, dish after magnificent dish. Welcome to Hanbun & its Chef's Tasting meal. You will be glad you came.

What is a girl to do when Veuve Clicquot Tour comes to town? Why, grab her purse and head out to toast with champagne, of course! Last weekend #ClicquotJourney rolled into Chicago, and we took full advantage. It is the champagne life, darlings! Someone had to do it!

The iconic yellow label of champagne Veuve Clicquot is the unmistakable symbol of fun the world over. This summer Clicquot is on tour! And this weekend the party rolls into Chicago! Are you ready?

Kinfork BBQ and Tap adds more barbecue to their menu with the addition of a new smoker.

In a city that's all about what's new and hot Gene & Georgetti is a restaurant that's stood the test of time.

Olive Theory Pizzeria is all about making the world a better - and tastier - place. They do the latter by providing the freshest ingredients.

Artango Bar & Steakhouse Weeknight Entertainment

Recently-opened Artango Bar & Steakhouse launches a new weeknight schedule of live entertainment, Tuesdays throug

Bull & Bear, located at 431 N Wells St, brings back the highly anticipated "Dog Days of Summer," event starting Monday, July 1