Riot Fest 2014: It Came, We Rocked. Photos To Prove It.

Thousands of Riot Fest attendees are tossing out their muddy shoes today with big smiles on their faces.  Sacrificing a pair of shoes for an amazing weekend of music was well worth it.  

Highlights?  Too many to list.  The drummer for Primus was ill so the drummer from Tool took his place.  Billy Corgan was there Sunday – not to perform, but to meet one his most influential bands, The Cure.  Janes Addictions’ Perry Farrell was slurring his words as he spoke but when singing manged to perform perfectly.  Punk rockers were in their glory with Television and The Buzzcocks playing.  Heads were banging to Slayer.  Andrew CK, Drop Kick Murphys and Wu-Tang Clan were among the roudiest sets with plenty of people in the crowd attempting to hop over the barricades (security was on top of it).

There was mud, there was music.  Enjoy the pictures.  More will be added to the gallery this week, come back!

(a festival goer snuck in her GoPro and took this video in the pit…wild!)






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