Room Seven Wows Chicago With $77 Cocktails

Room Seven, located on 7 West Division Street, is Chicago’s newest nightclub with haute drinks and a cool atmosphere.

This venue is operated by Seven West Division Inc., Room Seven is a social dance club located in the heart of the Gold Coast developed by European brothers, Mert Hurmeydan and Baris Hurmeydan, with the exclusive cocktail list brought to you by Chicagoan mixologist, Mark Darress.

You may have recently seen Mert and Mark on ABC 7 Chicago with Stacy Baca.  Click HERE to watch their video.

The nightclub is known for its two signature $77 cocktails, one for him and one for her.  Although the venue is still working on finding the perfect glassware for the drinks, they serve them with cheeses and fruits on a decorative platter. Both drinks are divine and I had the opportunity to taste them on a recent visit to Room Seven.

The $77 “7 Ladies For Him” cocktail consists of these seven ingredients: Bulleit Rye, Demerara, Cynar, Sweet Vermouth, Orange Bitters, Black Walnut Bitters and an Orange Twist.  I am generally not a fan of drinks geared for gentlemen, however, this drink blew me away with amazement.  It was so smooth and tasty, this drink can easily be savored by ladies too.

The $77 “7 Gentlemen For Her” cocktail contains these seven ingredients: Ketel One, Lemon Juice, Lavender, Champagne, Edible Flower, Angostura Bitters and Orange Bitters.  The drink is a perfect juicy combination and I can see men enjoying this drink as well.

Mixologist Mark has mastered his talents through nearly a decade of expertise and specializes in his own shrub flavors.  A shrub is a specialty liquid made of three to five ingredients, typically including a summer fruit. It is then infused into a drink.

This year, Mark won the Woodford Chicago Manhattan Competition and was a Four Roses Competition Finalist for his winning concoction, the Woody-hattan.

Room Seven serves a slew of other cocktails with catchy drink names like the “Signature 7,” “Berry River North,” and “7 Is A Crowd,” to name a few.  Their menu also has champagne, wine and prosecco that can be purchased by the glass.  They also have incredible bottle service and tables for reservations.

Not only is Room Seven exciting and inviting, they are also caring too.  They have philanthropic roots are and willing to work with any organization for special events hosted at their club. 

Join them this weekend for A Midsummer Night’s Dream Fashion Show Saturday, July 18. The fashion show will benefit Dress for Success Worldwide – Central and is followed by a night of music with Denniska Ivanov + DJ Morozoff + MGabriel + Rick Garcia.

Room Seven hosts live music and DJs at least once or twice a week and are open Wednesdays (11 pm – 4 am), Fridays (11 pm – 4 am), Saturdays (11 pm – 5 am) and Sundays (11 pm – 4 am).  They only charge a cover at the door late nights on Saturdays.

To get to know Mert and Mark better, I did a Top 3 of TLT with them.

Top 3 for TLT by Mert Hurmeydan

Favorite Drinks:

  1. Manhattan
  2. Spicy Margarita
  3. Red Wine

Favorite Restaurants:

  1. Likes to try different restaurants and doesn’t have a favorite

Things To Do:

  1. Water Ski
  2. Soccer/Futbol
  3. Swim

Top 3 for TLT by Mark Darress

Favorite Drinks:

  1. Manhattan
  2. The Last Word
  3. Spicy Moscow Margarita

Favorite Restaurants:

  1. No top restaurant, explores different restaurants in Chicago

Things To Do:

  1. Rock Climb
  2. Golf
  3. Ride My Motorcycle






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