Save Grant Park lawsuit saved for another day

The Chicago Children’s Museum wants to move into Grant Park, but many of the park’s fans believe that constructing the private museum on public grounds is a violation of Montgomery Ward’s will, which gave the city the property in the first place.

The magnate wanted Chicagoans to have a “front lawn” that stretched along the magnificent shoreline; so in his will he deeded the property with the stipulation that it was to remain “forever open, free and clear.” There have already been several encroachments, which have inarguably added to the culture and enjoyment of both locals and tourists. The venerable Art Institute and the popular, despite the funding controversy during its development, Millennium Park are significant additions that could also be seen as violations of Ward’s intent.

Save Grant Park aims to stop the building of the museum in Grant Park and to preserve what remains of the original space. The City of Chicago approved the construction, but the nonprofit organization has sued to protect the park. The case was to be heard tomorrow but the hearing has been cancelled. A letter from the organization said that the case will be heard, it is merely delayed.

If you’d like to support Save Grant Park, you can find donation information on their website,






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