Save On Antiques at Golden Triangle's Sidewalk Sale

Starting today Golden Triangle is hosting its annual sidewalk sale. The River North store began in 1989 with items from one city in Thailand. Now its inventory includes selections from all over Asia and recently expanded to European countries.

This year’s sale will have over 200 items from 15 countries. “Think Paris Flea Market crossed with Bangkok’s Chatuchak, moved to Chicago for a week of en plein air bargain-hunting,” as they say. Each item is noted with its city of origin, material and usage, and approximate date of original use. For example, the Chinese Medicine Chest pictured above is from Beijing in the mid-1800’s. It’s made of elm wood and boasts its original oxblood patina, and would have been used either in a medicine shop or in a wealthy private home. Its price is $4,800, but for this sale it’s $2,200. Want to see what else they have? They’ve got the sale inventory online.

Golden Triangle’s Sidewalk Sale runs through August 18 during normal business hours (which means they’re closed Sunday, August 12). On Fridays and Saturdays they’ll offer refreshments and Chinese drummers will perform at lunchtime.

Don’t worry about the rain. The sale is set up under a tent to keep you and all of those valuables dry.






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