Say Hello To Charlie

Today’s the day! As I’m writing this I’m actually ON Route 66! And I’m sitting in a gorgeous hunk of a man that I’ve decided to call Charlie. Charlie’s a V-8 SS Camaro convertible and he is just dying to be on the open road. At this point we’ve hit just about every stoplight, but I keep telling the poor guy he’ll be able to let loose soon. We’re in the early stages of our relationship so I’m not sure he believes me just yet, but we’re getting there.

Why Charlie? First of all, it’s an all-American name and this is an all-American car. Second, when I think of the name Charlie I think of nice guys and if I’m going to be with a man for 15 days he better be nice. Third was because I could fulfill my childhood dream of being one of Charlie’s angels, especially since we’re raising money for pediatric cancer research and volunteering in Joplin. But the bonus reason came when I looked up Charlie’s Angels – their car was a ’69 SS convertible!

So, hello Charlie! Nice to meet you!






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