Say Hello To My New Friend: Groupon

You might have noticed the last post offering a massage for a teeny-tiny twenty dollars. This is provided by this really cool service called Groupon (group + coupon = groupon). Every day they provide a special offer to a local business. Here’s the catch: you can only grab that offer the day it’s listed, and a minimum number of people need to participate for it to be available. For example, to get that $20 massage, 20 people need to participate and at this writing they still need 16 more. Don’t worry about running out and using it that day. Generally they give you several months to redeem it.


I think this is such a great way for you to save money AND to promote local businesses that their offers are going to be posted each day on TLT! When you see one you like, grab it quickly because once the day’s gone so is the offer.






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