Scouting out The Scout

Ever since it opened this summer The Scout has been a popular hang-out in the South Loop. After a visit it’s easy to see why.

The menu includes your typical bar food items: nachos, sliders, burgers, and the like, but theirs come with a twist. The nachos are topped with braised chicken; the pork for the sliders is from Neiman Ranch, and the burgers have toppings like prosciutto, roasted red peppers, mozarella and basil. A personal favorite is the Down South salad. This is a flavorful blend of lettuce with corn, black beans, tortilla strips, tons of avocado and big chunks of buffalo glazed chicken breast. That sauce is pretty spicy and add the chipotle ranch and pepperjack cheese and that’s definitely one salad with a kick.

The beer list is healthy with several good craft brew selections, but that’s pretty much a requisite these days, so what is it that’s made The Scout so popular?

I believe it’s the entire package. In addition to good food and good beer, there’s also fitting decor. It’s faux-rustic with stone walls and lots of wood. It feels a bit like you’re in a Midwesterner’s idea of what a really nice Rocky Mountain lodge would be, and that’s pretty much what it is. While that description sounds pretty Disney-esque, the result is a warm and comfortable environment. The service was pleasant and prompt, completing a satisfying experience.

Have you been to The Scout? I’d love to hear your impressions!






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