Social Media AND a Scavenger Hunt? Bring. It. On.

There’s a new game in town, and The Local Tourist is all over it. The FIJI Water Urban Hunt combines two of our favorite things: social media and Chicago! My teammate Tammie Josifovic and I will compete with up to 50 other teams to rack up the most points. It’s a modern day scavenger hunt using tools like Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare and YouTube to document each clue solved, landmark visited, and sponsor business credited. To keep it environmentally friendly and the streets safe from racing contestants the CTA and walking are the only means of transportation allowed.

So keep an eye out on August 14 for two big red X’s as we mark each spot. Or, if you dare, join the hunt yourself. In addition to a fun day of friendly competition and exploring the city you could win prizes like an iPad, digital camera, and White Sox Tickets. Team The Local Tourist is totally going to win but you’ll still have fun trying for second!






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