Something to celebrate on April 15

Red Kiva is known for its innovative Vaportini, a whole new way to drink, so we’re going to be trying all their flavors (and there are four). Since there’s nothing wrong with a good old fashioned cocktail we might have a couple of those also! (Not an Old Fashioned Cocktail, an old fashioned cocktail, capisce?)

That’s a lot of booze so we’ll also get to sample all of their pizzas to make sure we don’t escape the tax man only to be stopped by the hang-over man. 

What’s a Vaportini? Well, since you asked: 

The VaporTini consists of flavor-enhanced alcohol vapors served in
a glass globe that you inhale by “sipping” through a straw.
The glass globe with custom-made silver
metal base has a 70s mod, futuristic feel which appropriately fits the
VaporTini – the future of cocktailing.  Red Kiva’s mixologists will
pour the selected alcohol (menu below) into the glass globe, then heat the
liquid to 110 degrees, beginning the vapor process. A glass straw is inserted
into the globe and participants “sip” (inhale) the vapors. It is suggested that
guests inhale the flavored vapors for approximately 20 minutes.  

Chef’s Table: Red Kiva
April 15, 6:30pm
$25, limited attendance so RSVP today!







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