Dance Nation: a Journey Worth Taking

The Local Tourist tickets for two for the press performance of Dance Nation compliments of Steppenwolf Theatre.


Who will be Gandhi? (Photo by Michael Brosilow)
Who will be Gandhi? (Photo by Michael Brosilow)

Steppenwolf Theatre Company’s Chicago premiere production of Pulitzer Prize Finalist Dance Nation by Clare Barron, directed and choreographed by Lee Sunday Evans, is currently on stage through February 2nd. The production features ensemble members Audrey Francis, Tim Hopper, Caroline Neff, and Karen Rodriguez with Ariana Burks, Adithi Chandrashekar, Shanésia Davis, Torrey Hanson and Ellen Maddow.

I am going to train in Russia! (Photo by Michael Brosilow)
I am going to train in Russia! (Photo by Michael Brosilow)

A success-driven pre-teen dance troupe finds themselves trying to understand their ambition, insecurities, changing bodies, rivalries and friendships while exploring the desires, confusion and sometimes feral nature of adolescence. As they claw their way to Nationals in Tampa Bay, the girls face difficult choices and physical as well as emotional obstacles. The struggle is, in fact, very real.

Don't f*ck it up! (Photo by Michael Brosilow)
Don’t f*ck it up! (Photo by Michael Brosilow)

Featuring a multigenerational cast of women playing the pre-teen heroines, this Chicago premiere is fiercely funny, theatrically inventive and full of heart. It challenges every stereotype about coming of age in this digital era. The play brings to light the struggles of loyalty and friendship, all the while using immense pressures these girls face daily as a backdrop. A must see for any parent of a pre-teen girl or anyone seeking a little bit of insight.

Please, God... (Photo by Michael Brosilow)
Please, God… (Photo by Michael Brosilow)

Dance Nation is a journey, sometimes rough and painful, other times light and airy. It is in fact the journey worth taking with great abandon, a perfect allegory for life, really. Take a leap. Lights up. Step up. Don’t f*ck it up.

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Steppenwolf Theatre is located at 1650 North Halsted Street, in the heart of Chicago’s Clybourn Corridor.





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