Steve Starr: Capturing People Beautiful

If you’ve been to an event in Chicago, chances are you’ve met Steve Starr. If you’ve met him, chances are even better he took your picture. He was tireless, appearing at countless events and taking photos of anyone and everyone. You could tell just by looking at him that he LOVED what he was doing, and that love translated into every photo.

I say “was” with shock and sadness. Steve, 65, suddenly passed away yesterday afternoon. He was outside The Drake Hotel, a spot he visited frequently for events, when he collapsed after telling his friend he wasn’t feeling well.

Steve’s particular forte was making the person in front of his camera feel glamorous and beautiful, like you were the only person he needed or wanted to photograph. It didn’t matter if you were a celebrity or a member of the social scene or a regular Joe there for a good time. He’d laugh and tell you to point your chin out and down, bring that shoulder in, brush stray hairs off your shoulder and make sure you looked like you were having the absolutely wonderful time that you undoubtedly were. He made you laugh; he made you smile.

He didn’t just capture beautiful people. He made people beautiful.

NBC Chicago’s Marcus Riley talked with Steve before this year’s Taste of the Gold Coast, hosted by Cece and Melinda. He talks about his style, “the face”, and the philosophy that made him so loved and will make him so dearly missed. Thank you, Marcus, for this glimpse into the man behind the camera.

And thank you, Steve, for making Chicago smile.

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Featured photo is of Steve with Candace Jordan

Steve Starr had sent these photos to me previously and asked that I post them for him on TLT.






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