Stop, Look Both Ways, & Say Thanks

I live across the street from an elementary school, so Crossing Guards are fixtures every morning and every afternoon. They take their jobs quite seriously, their eyes constantly darting at traffic, even yelling at cars that run yellow lights or turn when they’re not supposed to. Here are what others have to say about theirs:


  • “Mr. Legner uses two stop signs to stop traffic from all four directions as
    he steps in the middle of the intersection.”
  • “55th & Kimbark is a horrible intersection that I believe our crossing
    guard knows how to control perfectly. She is a very friendly and loving crossing
    guard that remembers almost every child’s name who passes by her daily!”
  • “Every single day the crossing guard on the corner of Montclare and Foster
    is present at her intersection, she carefully ensures the safety of all
    passersby with the utmost professionalism.”
  • “Typically I take my children to school but every morning I see Jimmy Floyd
    at his post making sure other children are given safe passage across the main
    road to school.” 


These quotes came from a survey by the Active Transportation Alliance and the City of Chicago in celebration of Crossing Guard Appreciation Day. The State of Illinois issued an official proclamation back in December that today would be a day of thanks to the “dedicated professionals” who “keep our citizens and their children safe”.

How can you say thanks? 


  • Write a thank you note
  • Draw a picture of you and your crossing guard
  • Respect the crossing guard’s authority
  • Bring them flowers from your garden
  • Pay attention when driving through the intersection
  • Introduce yourself
  • Smile! Wave! Wish them a Happy Crossing Guard Appreciation Day

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