Straight from the Source: CH Distillery & Cocktail Bar

There’s a new cocktail bar in town, but it’s not just any cocktail bar. This one is a distillery, so you can get your booze straight from the source. CH Distillery and Cocktail Bar, 564 W Randolph, specializes in vodka but also make gins, whiskey, and rum. The grains used to make the spirits come right here from Illinois, but the menu has a decidedly Eastern European flair with items like caviar on pumpernickel blinis and beet and gin-cured gravlax.

CH Distillery & Cocktail Bar is now open and you can check them out Tuesdays through Saturdays starting at 5pm. Note that they’re closed on August 22 for a private event.

Oh, and where does the CH come from? It stands for Carbon and Hydrogen, the key compounds in alcohol, as well as CHicago.

Photo courtesy of CH Distillery & Cocktail Bar






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