The Grid sets an impressive Chef's Table

Our most recent Chef’s Table event took place at one of the most intriguing spots in the western edge of the River North neighborhood.  On Huron, just west of Orleans, The Grid set an impressive table for a group of lucky diners who braved the wintry blast to attend the Chef’s Table on February 24.

For the recent Chef’s Table, they concocted a wonderful “best of” tasting menu for us including:

  • 1871 oysters (rice pearl, cara cara orange) – be sure to ask your server for the fascinating story on how these oysters got their name.  It’s a Chicago history moment, but also some pretty darned tasty oysters at the same time.  The combination of the crunchy rice pearls and the citrus was amazing.
  • Meatballs (polenta, pecorino, tomato sauce) – you simply cannot go wrong with a well-crafted meatball, and these were excellent.  The polenta was creamy and slightly savory to offset the sweetness of the tomato sauce.  This is an excellent, shareable appetizer.
  • Boards and Buns with pork belly, orange honey, apple slaw, BBQ sauce rolls, pickles – this was a “create your own slider” type of presentation.  We were able to combine the ingredients and experiment a bit.  The combination of orange honey (sweet), apple slaw (tart), pickles (sour), BBQ sauce (sweet), and pork belly (both umami and salty) created the perfect amalgamation of flavors.  Comfort food at its best!
  • Burrata (arugula, vinegar chips, salmon caviar) – the pairing of the house-made vinegar chips with the creamy burrata was pure genius!  Add to that the peppery arugula and the salty tang of the caviar and you have one of the best burrata presentations I have ever experienced.
  • Sicilian olive, salumi, tomini pizza – The Grid bakes their pizza in a brick oven imported from Italy.  The pies cook super fast at 1000 degrees and come out with a perfectly prepared crust (thin, crispy, smoky, slightly chewy).  For fans of a little saltiness, this pizza is perfect.
  • Margherita pizza – this traditional pizza with mozzarella, tomato sauce,  and fresh basil was light and tremendously flavorful.  I would order this one again for myself, most definitely.
  • “Chocolate Bar” – possibly one of the most dense and decadent desserts I have experiences in quite some time.  If you’re a chocolate lover, then you will swoon.
  • Cider Doughnuts – although this final course came when I was at one of those “eat another bite and explode” moments, I nevertheless gave it a try.  Good thing!  The light doughnuts, with just a little hint of apple cider, were served with a dipping sauce that was redolent of rum and caramel.  Oh, my!  Save room for this one.

In addition to great food, The Grid also has a great cocktail menu.  Most of the drinks are named for Chicago neighborhoods (Rush Street, Little Village, Gold Coast, Magnificent Mile, etc.) and are crafted with custom syrups, specialty sodas, and homemade fruit purées.  For the Chef’s Table event, we were greeted with their STATE STREETER cocktail (Grey Goose, Fresh Lime, Hibiscus, Grapefruit Beer).  During dinner, we will had choice of Goose Island 312 as well as wines from their inventive wine menu.

The Grid is located at 351 West Hubbard Street, just a few blocks west of the Merchandise Mart stop on the Brown Line El.  For more information, call 312.321.1351.  Follow them on Twitter, on Facebook, or check out their website.






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