The Local Tourist is Getting Her Kicks!

The idea behind The Local Tourist is to “Experience the fascination of a tourist; feel the comfort of the local.” We’ve been pursuing that mission here in Chicago, but now I’m going to take it on the road. 

This summer I’ll be driving Route 66 and I’m taking the voice of Taste of TLT with me. Jim Goodrich and I are leaving Chicago on 6/6 and driving to Santa Monica and back, returning fifteen days later. Along the way we’re going to meet the locals and visit as many tourist spots as humanly possible. We’re even going to be in Amarillo during the Deep In The Heart of Route 66 International Festival! I’ll be writing and shooting and, since Jim’s also With A Voice Like This, we’ll be posting daily podcasts. We want you to feel like you’re along for the ride. 

We’re not just doing this for fun, although it will be that. For a couple of years now I’ve been planning on climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro to raise money for Endure To Cure and their mission to aid pediatric cancer research. Because Route 66 is an endurance drive, it just seems right for this adventure to be a fundraiser for that endurance climb.

GM is generously providing a Chevy Camaro for this trip so we can cruise The Mother Road in style, and inns and hotels along the way are stepping up to put us up. Local Convention and Visitors’ Bureaus and Chambers of Commerce are helping us meet the locals, and Route 66 afficianados and generous sponsors everywhere are helping us make this the ultimate road trip.

Speaking of that, we’re also hoping to create the Ultimate Road Trip Playlist. Soon we’ll be inviting bands from all over the country to submit their songs to be included, and you get to vote for them. We’ve already started a list of existing songs on our Facebook page and you can add your favorites and vote.

I hope you’ll join us on this epic journey, as we explore Route 66 as a couple of Local Tourists!

If you’d like to sponsor this adventure contact us and we’ll get you started!






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