The Local Tourist Is Riding A Camel, with Svengoolie & Jen Chicago

So yesterday I get a direct message on Twitter: “do you want to ride a camel or ostrich at Hawthorne on Sunday??”

Um – YEAH! I mean really, how many times you get ride a camel? Not just ride it, but race it, around a horse track?

Sunday, October 16, is Family Day at Hawthorne Racecourse. There’ll be live horse racing starting at 1:35, and then around 4pm, camel and ostrich racing! (I’d ride an ostrich but I was warned that “ostriches are 300 lbs of coked-up dinosaur descendants”.) Jen Chicago is also racing and we’ll be battling it out snout to snout to capture the title.

The Great Svengoolie will be calling the race and will meet and greet fans, after he’s crowned me as the winner, of course.

Come cheer me on as we turn Sunday into Hump Day! Print out the “Team Theresa” pass below (right click and select open in new window) or show the image at the gate for free admission. Parking’s also free and they have preferred parking for $3.

Team Theresa

Until then, check out the video from last year’s race. What have I gotten myself into???






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