The Local Tourist on 190 North!

Back in December 190 North ran a Facebook promotion to get more “Likes”. They invited fans to submit the names of friends they thought should be on the show. If 190 North reached 10,000 Likes by Christmas the person who was mentioned the most would get to be a guest correspondent for an episode. They didn’t quite reach that target, but they were so thrilled with the enthusiasm that they chose five people to introduce segments.

I’m one of them! Vanessa Torres, Lynn Durkovic Nelson, Tawa Jogunosmi, Shannon Egan and I all met a couple of weeks ago at their studios at 190 North State Street. It was an amazing experience, from getting our makeup touched up to meeting news guests from Legoland and River Dance to getting the behind-the-scenes glimpse into producing a show like 190 North. The best part, of course, was meeting my fellow guest hosts and Janet Davies, Eva Saha, Mark Nillson, and the whole crew. They were all fun, professional, warm, and welcoming.

It was truly an honor to be on the show, and I thank every one of you who helped make it happen!

The show is live tonight at 11pm, so please tune in at ABC7! 

(After the show, if you wanted to leave a comment for Janet and the crew that would be AWESOME.)






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