The Local Tourist Presents Drive By Towns

For as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to travel the country and share stories of the places I see and the people I meet. In a way I’ve done that with The Local Tourist, but its focus has been limited to a specific geography. Now, 15 years after beginning my love affair with Chicago and 14 years after beginning my “little hobby site,” I’m making the dream of sharing hidden gems everywhere a reality.

I’d like to introduce you to…..

Drive By Towns!

“Drive By Towns” is borne of the idea that, just like there’s no fly over country, there are also no drive by towns. For me, the idea of pulling over at every historical marker and lookout point, of taking it all in, is like a hearty embrace of life. Moments of significance are everywhere, if you take the time to slow down, if you don’t just drive by.

I am not leaving TLT – my teenager still has a lot of growing to do and a big, bright future. But now I’m spreading my wings to fly after my nearly life-long dream.

Please, when you have a moment, take a look and tell me what you think. I’ve been adding stories about a recent visit to a surprising town in North Central Iowa, as well as some road trip planning tips, and there is much, much more to come. If you’re so inclined it would be great if you’d sign up to receive notifications when new posts are published, too!

Don’t just drive by; pull over and stay awhile!

Drive By Towns - Every Town Has a Story; Pull over and stay awhile






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