This New Restaurant Is BadHappy

Give me potatoes with anything on them and I’m pretty much a happy camper, so imagine my delight when I heard there’s a restaurant opening today centered around doing just that.

BadHappy Poutine Shop features the Canadian dish of fries topped with cheese and gravy, but it’s offering much more than the traditional spin. Theirs could have veal cheeks, pork belly, house made sausage, and even foie gras (pictured above). For the vegetarians they’ll have a meat-free version, and there will also be BigBadSalads, BadBurritos, and HappyShakes. The River North location is BYOB and on Sundays is BYOVodka.

So just where did the name come from? “BadHappy is a word I made up to describe the ‘poutine experience,’” chuckles Chef Kern, “anything that can make me this happy is probably bad for me.”






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