This time, it really IS all about the Benjamins

When faced with impending closure many store owners would grumble, moan, lock the doors and lick their wounds. Not Kyle McHugh. The Drinks Over Dearborn owner is, instead, fighting tooth and nail to keep his dream alive.

The boutique store is a favorite amongst oenophiles and liquor elites because of its carefully selected stock, expert-led classes, and knowledgeable and passionate staff. Despite this winning combination, like many businesses it’s been struggling. Now it needs a hefty chunk of change by Monday to keep the doors open for all those fans. So Kyle came up with a creative solution and, fortunately, it seems to be working!

“500 Benjamins” is his lifeline. If 500 people each commit $100, DOD as it’s affectionately known, will keep the sharks at bay and be able to remain open. Those who do aren’t losing out on anything – it’s a store credit good for purchases, classes, and anything else they offer. And if he doesn’t reach 500, noone will be charged. 

As of yesterday at 5:30pm they were at 70%. Starting at 5pm tonight there will be a 24 hour live telethon, complete with entertainment and call-ins. Visit, watch, and give ’em your Benjamin. You and 499 other people will be happy you did!






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