This X Marks Our Spot

Ta Da – we’ve got a new logo!

It’s not terribly different from the old one. The big red X remains, as does the “you are here” tagline, but this one captures the brand in a way the old one didn’t. It captures the eye; it flows, it emphasizes LOCAL but tourist isn’t far behind. It’s exactly what I envisioned without realizing I’d envisioned it.

When I met with Emily from Tesa Rae Creatives I told her I wanted the logo to be clean and welcoming and say “you’re here to have FUN”. I don’t know how she did it, but she did it. She took my amateur effort from years ago and turned it into something that, to me, captures the essence of The Local Tourist.

You’ll be hearing more about Emily, her partner TeQuilla, and Tesa Rae Creatives. They’re our new premiere design partner, and our next project is a redesign for the entire site. We’re going to be working very closely together on this and other projects, and if TLT’s new logo is any indication, we’ll be working together for a very long time.

Thanks ladies!






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