Tippling Hall brunch offers something for everyone

According to Tippling Hall’s website, “Tippling Hall offers the best of the best, be it food, cocktails, wine or beer. The real draw, the aspect which sets us apart from nearly every other hotspot in Chicago, is the passion for hospitality; the intense desire to make people happy, without pomp or circumstance.

If you read my review of Tippling Hall back in November 2014, you will know that this passion for hospitality translates into awesome cocktails and a wonderfully eclectic dinner menu.  What that review didn’t cover, however, was the equally amazing brunch options.  I was recently invited to try what they term “The Good Brunch” and there is certainly truth in advertising.

The extensive brunch menu truly does offer something for everyone – from devoted carnivores to vegans . . . from Paleo to carb-centric.  On my visit, the restaurant brought out samples of eight different signature items. 

  • Cow Girl Creamery Cottage Cheese – This particular brand of cottage cheese is one of the best, but this dish is elevated by the addition of candied pineapple. Simple yet superb.
  • Apple Cider Donuts – What can you say about homemade donuts except, “Yum!”? I am not normally a great fan of donuts, but even if you’re on a low-carb diet this is one item you simply must try and think of it as a worthwhile cheat.
  • Toasted Sticky Buns – The combination of different sticky, sweet pastries was amazing.  They were all warm from the oven and uniformly excellent.
  • Cinnamon French Toast – Again, I am not normally a pastry kind of eater, but this simple and elegant preparation was worth every bite.
  • Ham Steak & Eggs – Here’s where I really hit my stride.  I was in the need of comfort food on the day I visited for brunch, and this was a perfect option.  The ham steak is grilled bone-in, thick and savory.  The eggs were perfectly prepared and the combination was (for me) the best offering of the meal.
  • Chilaquiles – If you are a fan of chilaquiles then you will love Tippling Hall’s version.  Again, nothing particularly unusual, just tremendously well-crafted and very satisfying.
  • Mini Eggs Benedict – This was a closer runner-up to the awesome ham & eggs.  These were actually Mini Crab Cakes served with a poached egg atop them and covered in delightful Old Bay hollandaise. Wow!
  • Adult Chocolate Chip Cookie – This is not just a cookie. It is a giant cookie creation served warm in a skillet with vanilla-rum ice cream and bacon brittle. Think about it – cookie dough, chocolate, vanilla, rum, bacon. What could be better?

BONUS!  They are open for brunch three days per week – Saturday, Sunday, and Monday!

The stripped-down interior exposes the brick walls and trussed ceilings.  The seating, benches and communal tables, reminds me of traditional beer halls around the world.  Tippling Hall manages to feel like a beer hall, wine bar, cocktail lounge, and trendy restaurant all at the same time – a perfect spot for either an intimate brunch for two or a celebratory brunch for a crowd of friends.

Tippling Hall is located at 646 N. Franklin Street.  You can get more information on their website or by calling (312) 448-9922.  Follow their social media conversations on Twitter and Facebook.






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