TLT Participates In The “Megapixel Meetup”

There’s not much that would get me out of bed early the morning after AlphaBeer. Hosting a tasting of 26 craft brews for a room full of thirsty beer lovers is exhausting, to say the least! But when I was asked if I’d like to join some fellow Chicago bloggers for a Saturday morning walk-about in the Loop with a brand spanking new camera I said YES! And that was before I knew I’d get to keep the camera. Score.

We met at the Sears store on State Street, got a quick tutorial on the Samsung ST600, and then headed outside. When it started to rain we took our new toys into Block 37 and then headed back to Sears to shoot a video of the experience. It was like a focus group of really opinionated people who always have something to say. In short: we loved it.

Thanks to Sears Blue Crew and Samsung for the experience and for the nifty camera! I’ll get up early for that any day, no matter how many beers I’ve poured the night before.






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