TLT Recommends: Cozy Corner

When I first moved to Chicago I lived in River North and, despite being surrounded by chi-chi restaurants, Ohio House Coffee Shop quickly became one of my favorite spots. Here was this no-nonsense diner on the same street as the Rock ‘n Roll McDonald’s and Rain Forest Cafe. 

Since moving away from that neighborhood I’ve searched for a comparable spot, a place that was unpretentious with good honest food, a decent cup o’ joe and a feeling of comfort. The Bagel in Lakeview East was close, but Cozy Corner really fits the bill. 

I must not be the only one who feels that way. Every time I go there’s a wait, but the wonderful lady behind the counter, who will call you Hon at least once and probably more, makes it seem faster because you know she’s getting you in as soon as she can. The staff moves quickly and efficiently and the servers are nice and smile often and never let your coffee get cold. Plus, the food is good and the portions are huge. It’s not fancy, but if you just want a place that’s, well, Cozy, this is the spot.






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