TLT's Wild West Adventure

I’m waiting for Kenny to arrive so we can take off on our Wild West Adventure. I’ve packed 11 days worth of clothes in one suitcase. It’s amazing what you can fit when you’re not worried about wrinkles and the only shoes are one pair of running shoes, one pair of hiking boots, and one pair of hiking sandals.

Because we’re taking a Jeep with no air conditioning, I actually bought a bandanna. Yep – I’m tying that sucker over my hair. It’s better than the alternative. Long curly hair whipped about at 70mph? I’d spend half the trip untangling it.

That’s a really girly concern. I’ve got another one. Showering. Apparently we’re going to be bathing in rest stops. This is where no air conditioning comes in handy – keeping the windows open means any unpleasant body scents will (hopefully) be blown away.

A big concern is that I’m going to be feeling out of touch. Oh, I’m bringing my laptop, but there are going to be actual days at a time that I won’t be able to go online. ACK! This is what I do! How am I going to check my email? Breathe, Theresa, breathe. It will be OK. I’ve planned in advance; the newsletter, band and trivia are being taken care of, and I will be able to check in every couple of days.

Then there’s the idea that I’m going to be spending 11 days with one person. 24 hours a day. 11 days in a row. I haven’t spent that much time with anyone since I was a child! I don’t even know if I can tolerate myself for that length of time. Poor guy. My friends and I joked that the title for the trip could be “Theresa killed Kenny!”

Basically I’m stepping WAY out of my comfort zone. I can’t even see my comfort zone. I think it’s a tiny little speck way out there, about the size of a dust mite. Heck, I’m not even sure it is there any more and I haven’t even left yet!

That’s as good a reason as any to go on an adventure like this. I’m stepping past my own self-imposed boundaries. In no way can I compare this trip to what the pioneers experienced, but I’m forging new paths for myself. Along the way I’ll get to see some of this country’s most beautiful spots. I also believe it will help me with The Local Tourist. I’ve been a “local” for so long it will be exciting to be an unmitigated tourist, and I’ll come back refreshed and rejuvenated and with a whole new perspective on what it means to be a local, and a tourist.

When I am able to connect, I’ll be posting pictures and stories. I hope you enjoy the ride!


p.s. Thanks to Carolyn Schutz! She offered several suggestions for titles, many including “Wild West”, so that’s what I’m using!






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