Trellis offers inventive summer cocktails

Inventive cocktails are an art form, and at Trellis they are elevating that art form this summer.  Mixologist Miranda Breedlove has concocted several new, summertime cocktails that will definitely intrigue and delight even the most discerning drinker.  I was recently invited to try out three of her new drinks and pair them with some food items from Trellis’ wonderful menu.

For this tasting, I was offered three of Miranda Breedlove’s most intriguing recipes:

  • Gangster Paradise       

    • Description: This frothy tropical drink is a refreshing summer treat to cool you down in warm weather.
    • Ingredients: Shellback Silver Rum, Caramelized Pineapple, light coconut milk and Falernum (a rum-based clove and almond liqueur), garnished with a pineapple leaf and two bourbon cherries (made in house).
    • Suggested food pairing: Kale and Radicchio Salad and the oysters.  I didn’t sample the oysters, but I did have a chance to check out the salad.  This was a nearly perfect pairing.  Both the salad and the drink are light, refreshing, and contain a lovely blend of sweet/savory.


  • Gentleman of Leisure

    • Description: This is a bourbon-based cocktail that will appeal to both a novice and the most avid whiskey drinker. It is well balanced, with a slight nuttiness, a bit of dried fruit and a unique kick on the back end from the 5-spice profile of the bitters they use. Served on a large ice cube.
    • Ingredients: Buffalo Trace bourbon, Oloroso Sherry, Apricot Liqueur, Chinese Bitters.
    • Suggested food pairing: Whipped Ricotta and Scallops & Grits.  For this one, I opted for the scallop dish and I am very glad I did!  They are served with pancetta over creamy grits with sherry brown butter and were a wonderful complement to the smoothness of the cocktail.

  • Luz Mala

    • Description: Technically a deconstructed Michelada, it’s a lager beer of the guest’s choice over a large Jimmy Luv’s Bloody Mary Mix Ice Cube. The glass is rimmed with lime-infused salt.
    • Suggested food pairing: Anything on the brunch menu.  This cocktail is definitely something to try for brunch.  It’s rather like a “reverse” Michelada.  As the Bloody Mary ice cube melts, the beer takes on more and more savory, hot, tomato flavor.  The cube takes a while to melt, so you will likely finish the beer first.  As an added bonus, they offer a $2 top off of beer so that you can keep enjoying the cocktail longer.

In addition to these cocktails, you must sample some of the others on the cocktail menu.  One of the most fascinating is the Not Your Daughter’s Root Beer Float.  Check it out on the menu and you will understand what I mean.  Also, be sure to order something from the awesome menu.  This is truly one of the best tavern menus I have seen in Chicago, so you don’t want to miss pairing the cocktails with some of the superb food.

Trellis is located at 2426 North Racine (on the corner of Racine and Montana) just moments from the Fullerton El stop.  It is one of several venues operated by Four Corners Tavern Group, a Chicago-owned and operated hospitality company whose portfolio of venues includes Benchmark, Brownstone Tavern, Crossing Tavern, Gaslight, Kirkwood Bar & Grill, Ranalli’s, Schoolyard, Sidebar Grille, Trellis and WestEnd.

You can reach Trellis at 773.644.6441 or visit their website.






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