Turn UP That Racket!

For any of you that think musicians are just a bunch of artists with no business sense, the Chicago Noise Machine is out to prove otherwise.

Trying to make your living as a musician is an expensive and time-consuming proposition. Even with iTunes and MySpace and the multitude of other resources now available online, bands still have to play shows and they still have to sell CDs and merchandise. They have to purchase studio time and pay for an engineer and a producer, and unless they have oodles of time and lots of connections they’ll probably need a manager to book their shows and get their songs onto the radio. Basically, being a rock star ain’t all sex, drugs and rock & roll. It’s a heck of a lot of work.

Nine of Chicago’s most talented bands who have been working their tails off decided to pool their resources and created the Chicago Noise Machine. It’s an inspired idea that I believe could change the way bands do business. Ever since I began featuring local bands over two years ago I’ve been amazed at how well they play together in Chicago – both musically and in the sandbox.

I’ve featured seven of the nine bands, and consider many of the members friends. Because I’ve come to know them it’s no surprise that they would forego the traditionally expected infighting of the music world and decide to work together, but this is a concept that defies that stereotype.

Of course that’s all for naught if their music is subpar. It isn’t. It’s the opposite. Let’s just put it this way: I’ve collectively seen these bands over 30 times in one year.

Tonight is their launch party at the Cubby Bear. For the unbelievably cheap price of $10 ($10????) you can hear nine of Chicago’s top bands.



72 Hours

A Birdsong Valentine


Bullet Called Life

Echo Son

Heavy the Fall

Lucid Ground


Simplistic Urge


Cubby Bear, Clark & Addison

9pm to 2am, $10 (seriously – that’s insanely cheap)







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