Week of Rock in the 'Burbs

Austin’s was the place to be this past week if rock ‘n
roll is in your blood.  This north
suburban joint, located in Libertyville, hosted a week of internationally touring

Austin’s is home to Austin’s Saloon and Eatery, a bar and
restaurant and Austin’s Fuel Room, an entertainment venue.  

The Fuel Room hosts international and local acts.  Some previous international performers gracing
their stage include Bret Michaels, Buckcherry and Gavin Rossdale.  Local bands such as 7th Heaven, Mike
and Joe
and Modern Day Romeos have rocked here as well.

Last Wednesday, Virginia based band, Hurt (pictured right) played at the
Fuel Room.  Their singles, “Falls Apart”
and “Rapture” were among the most entertaining. 
Hurt’s lead vocalist, J. Loren, has a stunningly serious manner about
him.  He doesn’t smile much and takes his
music very seriously, as he is a classically trained violinist.  He includes the electric violin in many of
his songs.  Aeth3r was the opening band
for Hurt.

Thursday was a night packed full of fun at the Fuel
Room.  Hinder, My Darkest Days and
Default played to a packed crowed. 
Before the first band began, the venue was full. 

Canadian alt-rock band Default, mostly known for their
single “Wasting My Time”, had great vigor. 
They’re on tour in support of their latest album “Comes and Goes”.  I couldn’t keep my eyes off of their bassist
Dave, whose head is full of dreadlocks. 
He used those to his advantage by swinging them around to the beats of his
bass.  Lead vocalist Dallas sang in a
cool and collected mode.  He truly made his
craft look and sound effortless. 

After Default, up-and-coming post-grunge Canadian band,
My Darkest Days came out shining with energy. 
Their self-titled album was released in September and already the band
is hot on the charts with their single “Porn Star Dancing”.  The music video for “Porn Star Dancing
features Zakk Wylde and Chad Kroeger of Nickelback.

Once My Darkest Days left the stage, Oklahoma natives Hinder (pictured left) took control.  Hinder’s newest album, “My
American Nightmare”, will be released December 7, 2010.  The crowd roared with excitement for this band
who has been hitting the airwaves since 2005. 
Their first single, “Get Stoned” was their final song played.  Another hit song performed was “Lips of an
Angel”, which had the most audience sing-along participation.  Hinder played a full 75-minute set without
ever slowing down.  Each band member
beamed charisma.  However, their drummer Cody
caught my eye the most.  He and his drum
set were on a riser at least 4 feet high and he exuded such excitement for his
love of drumming.  His long, red, curly
hair was being blown around by fans as he genuinely smiled throughout his
entire performance.  It’s great to see musicians
in their element.

The final show at Austin’s Fuel Room this week was Vince
 (pictured right) of Motley Crue on Saturday night.  His latest album “Tattoos & Tequila”, released June 2010, is his first solo album in over 15-years.  I’ve
seen Neil perform at Austin’s before and was eager to see him again.  He was wonderful performing, but was only on
the stage for about 45 minutes, a far cry from what I was expecting.  There was not even an encore.  He sang his last song and the house lights came
up.  I was very disappointed.  I was not disappointed with his drummer, Zoltan Chaney, who was an impeccable sight
to see.  Chaney exhibited such amazing
drumming skills.  He’d play standing up,
sitting down, using his feet as drumsticks, playing with two drumsticks in each
hand, placing his drumsticks in his mouth… he just went wild.  I only wish Neil could have been as entertaining
as his drummer.

It’s a big week for Neil, though.  He is starring on ABC’s Skating with the
, whose premiere is Monday, November 22, 2010.   This show has six celebrities paired
up with a pro skater partner and they hit the ice for competitive figure
skating or ice dancing.   

Upcoming shows at Austin’s are: Trapt, Jackyl, DMC (of Run-DMC),
Matisyahu and more.  Check out www.fuelroom.com for full event schedule.






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