Welcome to The House Of Glunz

There are comebacks, and then there are comebacks. After 90 years The Glunz Tavern is reopened in Chicago’s Old Town neighborhood.

If you know beer, you’re probably familiar with the Glunz name. Louis Glunz debuted Schlitz Beer at the 1893 Columbian Exposition. During the early 1900s he and his family bottled, distributed and sold their own beer and spirits as well as beverages from other producers. Today they distribute hundreds of craft beers from all over the world, including Chicago’s own Two Brothers, Berghoff, Revolution, and many, many more.

The House Of Glunz was founded in 1888, but when Prohibition began the tavern ended. After nearly a century of laying dormant the space is now open, ready to be the neighborhood’s gathering place once again.

In addition to wine, beer, and spirits, they’re also offering a European menu of standards like spätzle, escargot bourguignon, and wiener schnitzel. 

The spot is being resurrected by Glunz’ granddaughter and great-grandson. With just 48 seats it will provide an intimate experience. One can easily imagine a comfortable place where patrons feel at home and the bartenders know your name, your drink, and how your kids are doing.


The Glunz Tavern is located at 1202 N Wells Street, Chicago, IL.






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