Wells Street Market Brings Chicago's Best to the Loop

The new Wells Street Market defies a couple of conventions. First, that a food-centered marketplace has to be cuisine centric, like Eataly, or Latinicity. Second, that it has to be on the street it’s named for since you enter Wells Street Market off of Wacker. 

You can get in from Wells but the entrance in the lobby of 205 Wacker sees seventy-eight bajillion people walk by every day and I suspect those doors will not stop swinging because Wells Street Market is a blast.

For all the people working in the Merchandise Market and the fifty-thousand high rises looming over Wacker and Wells, this thing is a Godsend. The restaurants are all Chicago staples and a couple of up-and-comers knocking out amazing food. And one completely brand new venture from Andrew Bannos. You can get a real taste of Chicago in a just a short stroll but the jewel in the mix, the garnish on the rim is the very thoughtful and brilliant inclusion of Flowers for Dreams.

The Rundown

Flowers for Dreams – Gorgeous bouquets of locally crafted, organically grown flowers. Proceeds benefit local charities.

Flowers for Dreams

Piggie Smalls – Jimmy Bannos Jr.’s newest joint serves a fresh take on Gyros. 
Furious Spoon – Hip Hop handmade Ramen noodles served Tokyo style with enough flavor to make your head spin. 

Andrew Bannos, owner of Piggie Smalls

Pork & Mindy’s – Amazing Barbeque “sangwiches”, including Bao to the Pork which is pork shoulder topped with an Asian Plum sauce, pickled daikon carrots, cucumbers, and a jalapeño relish.

Chow Brothers – Their reimagining of the humble pierogi is quintessential Chicago, and the very essence of Central European comfort food elevated. They call their pierogis Flavor Bombs, with 100% non-GMO flour that is vegan-friendly and more filling than dough. Way more. 

Dos Toros Taqueria – Great tacos built from ‘hella fresh’ ingredients from two brothers. Also, what a great name (wink).

Firecakes – It’s hard to write about them with my mouth full, but Firecakes donuts are freakishly good. Try their Pistachio Old Fashioned (like a crueler) or the Candied Pepper Bacon and Maple Long John.

Fare – Quick-service, healthy lifestyle dishes made from locally sourced ingredients.

Tabo Sushi – From acclaimed Chef Takashi Yagihashi, Tabo Sushi combines French, Asian, and American ingredients and flavors in wild sushi combinations.

Tempesta Market – Mouthwatering craft sandwiches and and in-house charcuterie.

Darin Latimer, GM for Tempesta, with Jimmy Bannos






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