What a bunch of girly girls

I’ve never considered myself a girly-girl. I like football, beer and scotch. I hate shopping and I can count on one hand the number of manicures I’ve had. I only have long hair because I don’t have to do anything to it and the thought of drying and curling and spraying every day gives me a rash. But when Melissa Pierce asked me if I wanted to co-host an Eyes Lips Face party and said there’d be free make-up? Woohoo! Heck yeah!


So last night about 10 ladies crowded around a table strewn with lipsticks and blushes and bronzers (which I apparently should never ever ever use) and brushes and eyeliners and lip liners and mascaras and eye shadows and we went to town. We actually approached it like art class, but with the added benefit of wine, cookies and cupcakes. We’d try a bit on, wipe it off, and try something different.


OK, you’re thinking, that sounds like fun, but what does it have to do with a Chicago website? Because it wouldn’t have been the same without those treats very generously provided by three local businesses.


Lynfred Wines gave us pink cheeks without the blush. The Swirlz Cupcakes were almost prettier than we were (and infinitely tastier), and Heidi Kohz brought a sampling of her delicious Studabaker Classic Cookies and then joined us in the fun.


If this is what being a girly girl is, then I proudly proclaim, “I AM a Girly Girl!”










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